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Server specifications & features

Episode 4.5 Features

EXP rate 100x / 150x on weekends
No KO nosses , No Sonic/Flash lapises
Free CRR , PID , EE
Create guild with 3 players
GRB every Saturday 6 PM
Ele2 Drops from Kimu/Sera/DE
Ele1 Drops from CL/FL and D2 mini bosses
No Debuff lapis
Free starter gears lv31
2H Blunt, Endure and Deceive Lapis have been removed
Fully customized Kanos map
Custom PVP Quest
Custom Ele Lapis Quest
Custom Goddess Quest
Max Lapis Level 6
Customized Skills for several classes
Union Summon stones available for Leader and Sub-Leader
Reduced Leader Resurrection to 10 seconds
Custom Rerolls on quest items, capes and accessories
Unlimited Potions script, buy them once and they will replenish themselves!
Hold SHIFT key to dismantle/leave raids so no accidental leaves/dismantles
Hold SHIFT key while restatting to add 10 points instead of 1
Reduced popped bless time to limit dead moments in PVP

Kill Count x1

Keep it simple
No Battlefield-Runes

Secure Server

  • The server is secured against all types of attacks meant to disrupt the service.

Enhanced Account Security

Everyone has the option to enable enhanced account security, provided that their account has been email verified. Enhanced account security allows you to restrict access to your account only to certain IP addresses or IP ranges.

Healthy Economy

  • Rewarding farming system
  • No donator advantage
  • Currencies:
    1. Sand Points
  • Donation Methods:
    1. PayPal

Dedicated Staff Team

  • Professional staff team
  • Active around the clock
  • Quick support help

Please activate our custom IP security to improve your account security under "Security" tab on the website!

Don't forget to use a DIFFERENT username and password than what you've used on previous shaiya servers to improve your account security!