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Patch Notes 07/02/2020

- Old Willow fix for GRB
- Healing cast time reduced to 1.25 seconds


Trial week!

We will be testing out some new changes this week. We would love to get some feedback on the below changes!

- Added Sand Bag on Kanos Illium Golems

- Sand Bag drops; 

     - Low chance OPs

     - Low chance LCs

     - Low chance Lapisia

     - Medium chance Fireworks

     - Medium chance Rec runes

     - Medium chance LH7

     - High chance FC3 

Patch notes 02/02/2020

- Added Goddess bosses on D-water at 72HR respawn
- Goddess bosses drop 10% lv53 goddess piece 

- Goddesses drop 8x Sand Fragment
- Added Crafting System

- Added Sand Cape lv60 for all classes

- Collect 5 Sand Fragments to create a Sand Core Quest added
- Use Crafting NPC to create new Sand Cape using Sand Core, Fragment of King's Wrath and your old lv54 cape. 

Updates Sun 12 January

- Stat resets and sprint noss will be added to AH merchant
- Ele'd Tops and Weapons will now show a colored icon indicating ele type.
- DE Summon stone fix, Will spawn first form instead of third
- lvl 31+ Items removed from Canta
- Kill transfer tickets will be available for 1k SP. Same account only.
- Stigma/AZ heroic/dread gears are being replaced with Fortune Coin Lv2

Updates Sat Jan.04 (CT Dungeon)

Opening of Cryptic Throne dungeon

- Removal of mobs surrounding FM/Haru to make these bosses easier

- Doubled droprate for 15/30 zones equipment in Proelium and Cantabillian

- Dual log script deactivated for duration of CT Maintenance time will be: 15:00 SVT and it'll take approximately 10 minutes

Merry Christmas!

Shaiya Sand Staff Wishing you and all your family and friends a very Merry, Wonderful and relaxing Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! We would like to announce a special Christmas bonus! All Bonus SP doubled from 25th of Dec till 1st of January! Happy Christmas to you all don't forget to call all your friends to join us

Patch notes 22nd of December


- Ele 1s have been replaced with ele tokens from D2 mini bosses and D1 Lich.
- Lich added to boss timer.
- KI Bosses drops have been updated. They will only drop Goddess tokens and a 5% chance to drop a lvl 43-46 Goddess Gear piece.
- Goddess token quest fixed so it only gives gear.
- Now that the quest is fixed, goddess token quest has been reverted back to 100 tokens.
- New quest: 20 goddess tokens for a random Lv44 - 49 Goddess weapon.
- Portals in KI now lead to AH and Karis/Raigo
- A new merchant has been added, Ele 1s have been moved to it and Vigor Lv5/6 and Mental Lv5/6 have been added.
- Another merchant has been added to buy noss and remedy's so players dont have to relog to buy them.
- Map 2 and map 3: Drop rates on 3 Day bosses have been increased to 20%.
- Lv 54 dragon quest items now drop from elemental altar poles.
- Bless now fixed to 70% for both factions.

Patch notes

Update Notes General Changes

- tele rune added to liquid merchant in AH at 1m each.

- Changed Goddess quest requirement to 50 tokens instead of 100.

- increased drop rate of dual lapises to 50%.

- 5s Bosses drop x2 lapises lv5 100% instead of 1 lapis.

- you can buy ele lv1 from AH NPC for 10 mils each.

- item recovery stone added to webmall.

- Changed all 48 cape max rerolls from 600/6/6 to 1100/11/11

Skill Changes

- DayFly nerfed to 20 secs

PvP Video Event.

Dear players !

We would  like to see some nice PvP videos recorded on our server! We decided to announce an event to motivate our players to make nice videos for us. We will pick the best 5 of incoming videos to put them to the final! In the final our players can vote for the best one. We are waiting your videos until 25/12/2019   
! Good luck for all the participants!

- Video Length should be 2-8 mins maximum 
- Video should be posted in YouTube 
- “Shaiya Sand” should be mentioned in video title
- Server website should be mentioned in discerption 
- Share the video in #pvp-video channel in our discord server
- All players are able to participate with 1 video only 

1st prize: 500 SP
2nd prize: 400 SP
3rd prize: 300 SP
4th prize: 200 SP
5th prize: 100 SP


join our Discord Server to share your video there.




Server Maintenance 14/12/2019 15:00 PM Server Time

Server Restart tomorrow @  14/12/2019 15:00 pm Server time.


Maintenance approximitly will take (5~10) minutes to finish then after that be ready for IC PvP!


Shaiya Sand Team.

Shaiya Sand EP 4,5 Release

Hello  Everyone Server will be Officially Released tomorrow 6th Of Dec at 12 GMT +1 you will be able to download the client before the release, Don’t forget to vote for Server and call your Friends here for more info join our discord server .



@Shaiya Sand Team

Please activate our custom IP security to improve your account security under "Security" tab on the website!

Don't forget to use a DIFFERENT username and password than what you've used on previous shaiya servers to improve your account security!